HCCA’s 2018 Compliance Institute


Partners Tony Maida and Daniel Melvin will be speaking at the HCCA’s annual Compliance Institute, the world’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare compliance conference.

Attendees will learn about current hot topics such as Healthcare Reform, False Claims Act, Data Protection, Hospital Physician Alignment, Compliance Effectiveness, and HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach. Leading industry experts will cover real-world compliance issues, emerging trends, and practical applications.

Tony Maida will speak on ‘Compliance Trends and Challenges for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Providers’. This session will discuss how substance abuse and behavioral health treatment providers have experienced unprecedented recent growth in response to parity laws and expanded insurance coverage. This new growth, in turn, has contributed to a significant increase in regulation and enforcement by government agencies that are already struggling to keep up with a prescription opioid epidemic. Attendees will benefit from an in-depth discussion of the compliance challenges that providers need to be following right now and learn practical techniques and best practices for identifying, auditing, and evaluating their risks.

Daniel Melvin is a panelist for ‘Ask the Stark Law Professionals: Q&A Session’, which will provide a general overview of Stark Law, and give session participants the opportunity to pose questions around Stark Law, analyzing and discussing “real time” potential risks, and any operational questions.