Cyber & Privacy Risk Management


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The privacy and cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly, from legislation and regulation to public opinion. Companies can no longer rely on piecemeal compliance efforts but instead are increasingly adopting organization-wide programs looking at legal, technical, and contractual risk.

To manage today’s ever-changing risk environment, many companies are engaging in cybersecurity and privacy risk assessments—conducted under privilege—to assess risks and provide a roadmap to creating proactive, agile privacy and cybersecurity programs. One critical piece of any internal assessment is the evaluation of contractual obligations and liability arising from privacy and cybersecurity across an organization. Legal standards now require privacy/security vendor contract terms, and companies should be ready to benchmark industry peer contract terms and reconsider liability limitations and other important contractual considerations. Accordingly, changing contracting practices on both the customer and vendor management sides is a common component of post-assessment risk mitigation.

On July 11th, join our legal and technical panel to discuss:

  • Recent legal developments and trends in privacy and cybersecurity
  • Best practices in conducting privacy and cybersecurity risk assessments under privilege
  • Legal and practical considerations for privacy and security contract provisions
  • Liability limitations in privacy and security contracts




Co-hosted by McDermott and BDO, this series of interactive in-person events and webinars focuses on today’s most critical cybersecurity and privacy issues, including assessments, legal compliance, contract management, data strategy implementation and more.

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12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (EST)



Gregory Garrett – Head of US and International Cybersecurity, BDO
Mike Stiglianese – Technology & Cybersecurity Managing Director – Financial Services Industry, BDO

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