United States-China Planning for High Net Worth Individuals | STEP Mid-Atlantic Webinar


Shudan Zhou will be presenting at an in-depth STEP mid-Atlantic webinar, focusing on both tax and non-tax considerations for high net worth Chinese individuals that have business, investment or family connections with the United States.

The panelists will review pre-immigration strategies where high net worth Chinese individuals or family members wish to move to or invest in the United States. They will discuss the impact of a Chinese national attaining resident status in the United States. Various compliance/disclosure regimes will be discussed as well as exit strategies when he/she intends to leave the United States.

Inbound business planning for Chinese businesses seeking to expand in the United States. will be reviewed. Trust and family office structures as well as preferable situs locations will be also explored. Illustrative case studies with representative fact patterns will be reviewed by the panelists.

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