Board Dialogue Podcast with Ken Kaufman: Healthcare Boards & Post-Pandemic Preparedness

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On this episode – the second in our new Governing Health special edition series – Ken Kaufman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kaufman Hall and Michael Peregrine discuss a number of important post-pandemic developments, including:

  • Long-term impact of the successes and challenges of the COVID-19 vaccination process
  • Strategic implications in transitioning beyond the worst of the pandemic
  • Traits of healthcare organizations that will emerge from the pandemic stronger than before
  • Appropriate board response to the mental and physical exhaustion of healthcare workers
  • Corporate ESG reporting and healthcare’s role in the corporate social responsibility movement
  • Guidelines for selecting board members and director compensation arrangements
  • Appropriate responses to media coverage of health industry corporate responsibility, and potential for related government inquiry
  • Anticipating and preparing for post-pandemic uncertainties

The pandemic has presented exceptional opportunities for growth and change in the healthcare world. Boards have been given the opportunity to look back on all that has happened and where to go from here.