Hospital Board Leadership After COVID-19: A Conversation with Jamie Orlikoff

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Board responsibilities for COVD-19 related concerns aren’t over yet—not by a longshot. On this episode of the Governing Health podcast, Michael Peregrine and special guest Jamie Orlikoff, President of Orlikoff & Associates, Inc. and a national advisor on governance and leadership to the American Hospital Association, discuss:

  • Insights into the board’s role in preparing for potential new disease profiles
  • Governance implications of mask-wearing and vaccination implementation
  • Bracing for potential post-COVID-19 hospital readmissions
  • The board’s public profile on public health matters
  • Insights into the composition of the post-pandemic health system and hospital boards
  • The most persistent long-term and acute implications of COVID-19 on society and healthcare systems
  • Proactive steps that boards need to take when preparing for potential future surges and booster vaccination
  • The role of the board in assuring that lessons from the pandemic are integrated into organizational memory