Antitrust Litigation


Antitrust investigations and litigation have always posed significant challenges to a company’s ongoing operations and future profits. These threats have grown significantly in recent years, as a result of increased class action litigation, and the efforts of the plaintiffs’ bar to expand private litigation rights and collective redress.

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  • In re Chocolate Confectionary Litigation (M.D. Pa.). After a lengthy, seven-year legal battle, McDermott secured summary judgment of behalf of Mars, Incorporated, in class actions on behalf of direct and indirect purchasers of chocolate candy alleging that manufacturers conspired to fix the prices at which they sold chocolate candy in the United States.
  • In re Steel Antitrust Litigation (N.D. Ill.). Currently defending Steel Dynamics, Inc., in putative, nationwide class actions against producers of raw steel and alleging an antitrust conspiracy to fix prices by restricting the supply of all steel products in the United States.
  • In re Dairy Farmers of America Cheese Antitrust Litigation (N.D. Ill.). Currently defending the largest dairy cooperative in the United States in nationwide and statewide putative class actions alleging monopolization and conspiracy in the market for cheese and dairy products, having successfully resolved parallel regulatory and criminal investigations. Recently achieved complete dismissal of all remaining claims. This is the third in a string of victories by McDermott in the long-standing case, with billions of dollars at issue.

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Antitrust Litigation

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