Board Briefing: The Presidential Candidates’ Healthcare Proposals

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Recent primaries whittled the race for the Democratic presidential nomination to a two-man contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. This presents the healthcare industry with two very different potential outcomes for health policy discussions in 2020 and beyond. The time is now for healthcare boards to become familiar with the outlines of these proposals, engage in meaningful internal dialogue on them, and prepare for potential seismic change following the November election.

On this special episode of the Governing Health podcast, Michael Peregrine is joined by Brian Fortune, Senior Managing Director & Political Strategist at Farragut Square Group, and Eric Zimmerman, Principal of McDermott+Consulting, for a board-focused “primer” on the Biden, Sanders and Trump healthcare proposals. This episode explores:

  • The difference between “Medicare for All” and the “Public Option,” and the financial implications of each
  • “Incremental” v. “Revolutionary” approaches to healthcare reform
  • Potential timelines for healthcare reforms under Biden or Sanders leadership
  • The role of price transparency, waivers for states and other Trump administration healthcare policy developments
  • Key health policy issues boards should examine as they prepare for 2021

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