International News: Focus on Tax



QDII2 – A New Channel for Overseas Investment by Chinese Individuals

Despite the existence of a number of schemes intended to facilitate investment by Chinese individuals in overseas opportunities, this type of investment has remained complex, particularly with regards to regulatory approval. The eagerly-awaited QDII2 scheme is set to finally make overseas investment a reality for high net worth individuals.

Entering the Private Health Care Market in China

There are huge opportunities for health care companies to open private facilities in China. But they need to be aware of, and prepared for, the myriad compliance issues involved.

EU Data Protection Reform and its Impact on EU and Non-EU Businesses

The European Commission’s proposed changes to the current legal framework on data protection will soon be adopted and will impact on EU and non-EU businesses alike.

The UK Consumer Rights Act 2015: New Advance in Private Antitrust Enforcement

David Henry

On 1 October 2015, the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA 2015) entered into force, bringing with it a raft of changes pertaining to consumer protection law and competition law litigation.


Cross Border Planning for Trusts

Ellen K. Harrison | Claire Murray

As trusts become increasingly globalised in their reach, effective cross-border tax planning becomes more vital to avoid double taxation.

International Tax Disputes: A Ray of Hope

Despite the anticipated tsunami of tax disputes generated by underlying tensions in international taxation, there is reason to hope that appropriate means are being developed to address them efficiently and effectively.

The Italian Patent Box and Its (Non-) Compliance With OECD Recommendations

Carlo Maria Paolella

The Italian Patent Box regime largely complies with the OECD recommendations to prevent base erosion and profit shifting. Its non-compliant features offer a brief window of opportunity for companies able to take swift advantages of its wide range of qualifying intangible assets.

The UK as a Tax-Efficient Holding Company Jurisdiction

The UK is an attractive holding company jurisdiction for muti-national groups looking to establish both interim UK holding companies within their existing groups, and holding companies for the group as a whole.