Academy Health | National Health Policy Conference Health Datapalooza


McDermott is proud to be a sponsor of the National Health Policy Conference: Health Datapalooza. For more than 10 years, the Health Datapalooza has been turning information into innovation by supporting a healthy exchange of ideas from a variety of voices in a setting where meaningful and consequential conversations take place. As an additional benefit to this year’s show, Health Datapalooza attendees will gain new opportunities to engage in expansive discussions with participants “across the hall” at the National Health Policy Conference (NHPC).

In addition, Jenn Geetter and Laura Jehl will be speaking on panel entitled HDP Panel: HIPAA+GDPR+CCPA = A call for Strategic Data Discipline: Approaches for Effectively and Efficiently Managing Data Asset Utility, Value, Costs, and Responsibilities across the Health Data Lifecycle.

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