Chicago’s Intellectual Property Law Symposium Presented by the Federal Circuit Bar Association and Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago


University Club of Chicago

Charles M. McMahon will present on the panel “True or False – PTAB Trials and Alice Motions Simplify the Case?” He will be joining District Court and Federal Circuit judges in discussing whether PTAB trials simplify patent infringement cases or make them more complex. The panel will explore:

  • The impact of multiple proceedings (PTAB and district court) on the Federal Circuit’s docket
  • The impact of the uncertain scope of estoppel in cases where the PTAB trial results in which the patentability of challenged claims are confirmed as patentable, and whether the likelihood of success in a PTAB trial warrants granting a motion to stay
  • Whether Alice motions may unduly prolong litigation and the circumstances under which the District Court may wish to address an Alice motion

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