Japan Webinar Series May-June 2021







McDermott is committed to provide insightful legal developments around the world to our Japanese clients.  In light of that effort, Japan Webinar Series will be held between Thursday, May 20 – Thursday, June 3, 2021.

This webinar series will explore US trade policy, global antitrust developments, compliance and enforcements and global internal investigations, with a significant focus on what Japanese companies can expect from the next 100 days of the Biden Administration.

Our McDermott panelists include Dean Pinkert, a former commissioner of the US International Trade Commission and Justin Murphy, a former trial attorney for the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Criminal Antitrust Division, Julian Andre, a former Assistant US Attorney in Los Angeles, and other partners from our Paris, Brussels, Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC offices.

Join us for what promises to be an engaging series as we dig into the issues at hand and highlight what to consider next for your business.

ウェビナースケジュール|Sessions include:

  • セッション 1 : グローバルな反トラスト法の動向 | Session 1: Global Antitrust Developments
  • セッション 2:コンプライアンス | Session 2: Compliance
  • セッション 3:グローバルな内部調査 | Session 3: Global Internal Investigations
  • セッション 4:米国通商政策の展望 | Session 4: Trade Policy Outlook

View full agenda and register here and rewatch previous sessions here.


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