New Era of Material Wealth Creation with ESOPs


Partner Erin Turley will be moderating two panels at the ‘New Era of Material Wealth Creation with ESOPs’ event, hosted by Bloomberg Tax.

The event is tailored for business owners, tax, finance directors, in-house counsel, bankers and investment professionals including PE & hedge fund managers to help them learn how employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) can provide more than just an exit strategy – they may be an opportunity for a growing business and its employees.

ESOPs are commonly used by owners seeking to retire, but beyond that their utility is not well understood. However, with tax reform and in today’s changing business environment there is a greater opportunity to consider them earlier in the lifecycle of the company. ESOPs, when properly done, can position a company for financing, allow for acquisitions, help attract and retain top talent in a competitive environment and create wealth for owners and employees. In addition, ESOPs have a unique application with alternative firms & business roll-ups. These benefits require an understanding of what conditions should exist before pursuing an ESOP as well as the impact of the 2017 Tax Act and consideration of the best approach for your company.

Erin will act as moderator for the below sessions:

  • Wealth Creation, Succession Planning, Plan Design & Keynote Conversation
  • ESOP Opportunities for Alternative Firms & Roll-Ups – A Panel Discussion

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