Policy Outlook: How The 2020 Election Outcomes Will Impact Your Business


Are you prepared for the critical impacts of the US election outcome to you and your business in 2021 and beyond? Join McDermott’s lawyers and our policy and lobbying team for perspective on the effects of administration scenarios across virtually every industry.

During this webinar we will provide congressional insights and dive into:

  • Potential legal and policy changes that will have the greatest impact on businesses and individuals
  • Supreme Court developments and implications for your business

Upon registration, you will be able to choose among seven webinar sessions to learn more about the topics that interest you most. Each session is available in three back-to-back timeslots. Choose up to three topics and share your questions with us in advance.

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Our webinar sessions will discuss:


  • The Affordable Care Act and policy developments that may impact revenue streams and regulatory burdens
  • Price transparency requirements, surprise billing limitations, prescription drug pricing constraints and mandatory value-based purchasing and managed care directions


  • Top individual and business tax policy priorities for 2021 and tax regulatory outlook
  • The future of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Cross-border tax cooperation and competition
  • Impact of increased federal funding on state-level tax increases

Employment / Labor / Employee Benefits

  • Impact on racial justice issues, pay equity and a potential revival of the pay collection program
  • Potential changes impacting retirement and health plans
  • What’s ahead from independent contractors and joint employer status to an increase in claims seeking exemptions for religious reasons in light of the Supreme Court’s decision on Title VII


  • Ongoing shifts in technology, funding and legislation
  • The impact to market and energy business law

Supreme Court

  • Changing character of the Supreme Court following deaths and retirements, and how the newest justices (along with any new colleagues who may join them) may tip the balance on a number of potentially landmark cases
  • Results of the 2020 election and their implications for the judicial branch as a whole
  • How companies should think about engaging with the courts to achieve policy objectives

Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Predictions for US federal privacy legislation
  • The impact of cyber threats and whether escalation can be expected post-election
  • The impact of issues related to Section 230 and content moderation
  • An outlook on the digital health landscape for 2021

Private Client

  • Considerations and planning techniques in light of potential income and estate tax changes
  • Transfer tax planning, including the advantages and disadvantages of 2020 gifts and preserving donor’s access to gifted property
  • Income tax planning, including acceleration of asset sales and use of charitable trusts and insurance

Additional topics coming soon.

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