Coronavirus Resource Center



Our Resource Center, brought to you by a multi-disciplinary team, will keep you informed of the latest developments and provide comprehensive insight to help you navigate this crisis with your employees, and those you serve. We are able to advise clients on a range of issues related to the developing COVID-19 epidemic. The Resource Center will be continually updated with insights and tools to help you navigate and develop pandemic preparedness plans for your business.

In Depth

In our global economy, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) raises serious concerns for employers, many of whom employ or engage workers in the healthcare industry, workers who travel for business, or workers who are in close contact with individuals who travel or may have been affected. At this time, there is no vaccine or medication approved to prevent or treat COVID-19. Therefore, having a plan in place to protect your employees and, those who you are directly responsible for the care of, is crucial. Beyond the clear concerns of transmission in the workplace and the laws that will govern healthcare provider and employer policy and practice, employers and those operating in the healthcare industry should ensure they are following best practices dealing with this issue.

Healthcare organizations are likely to be especially impacted by the outbreak given that they have to address it both as an employer and as a provider of care. Regulatory requirements and best practices in this sector are being put to the test, and providers face adjusting operations and care delivery methods and the related impact on patients and reimbursement – among other things.