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China Ramps up the Data Revolution

China is leading a small handful of influential jurisdictions in redefining the regulation of information and data systems to fundamentally transform the state’s role and bring new meaning to the phrase “information governance”.

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International Tax Planning in an Increasingly Populist World

The idealism of the BEPS project has been overtaken by the active maximisation of domestic tax bases to provide revenue for economic progress.

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Smart Contracts in Cross-Border Transactions

Byron S. Kalogerou | Jacob A. Kuipers

Developing markets present a potential US$350 billion worth of trade finance for blockchain-driven smart contracts.

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France v Trusts: A New Hope

Despite the traditionally difficult relationship that France has with trusts, the French courts, including the Constitutional Court, have a much more balanced view, as a number of recent rulings have shown.

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Focus On

European Commission Approves Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn Subject to Conditions

Andrea L. Hamilton

The Commission’s decision addresses the much anticipated issue of “big data” and provides guidance to companies on how to structure successful “access remedies” in Phase 1

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GCEU Confirms Reverse Payment Patent Settlement Agreements are Anticompetitive

A recent ruling clarifies that a reverse settlement agreement, also known as a “pay-for-delay” agreement, constitutes a “by object” restriction of competition, despite the fact that it remains within the substantive scope of an IP right.

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GCEU Finds Commission Entitled to Use Illegally Made Recordings if Seized Lawfully

Philip Bentley, QC | David Henry

The GCEU has confirmed that the Commission can rely on recordings seized lawfully in a dawn raid, even if those recordings were made illegally by a third party.

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CJEU Reinforces The Three Pillars of Competition Law

The CJEU has affirmed fines imposed on Toshiba on a worldwide basis despite the company’s absence from the relevant EEA product market