Keri Paley* is the Managing Director of McDermott Discovery. She leads both the attorney and technology sides of the practice group to provide defensible and thorough discovery services that meet client needs in a wide variety of matters involving electronic discovery.

In this role, Keri focuses on advising clients and case teams on an array of electronic discovery issues and ensuring her team provides the highest quality services as efficiently as possible. She combines cutting-edge technology with practical, real-world legal knowledge and extensive discovery experience to provide customized solutions that fit clients’ needs. Under Keri’s leadership, McDermott Discovery has become an indispensable resource for Firm clients.

Keri developed McDermott Discovery’s Project Attorney program, which allows for flexible and scalable review options for Firm clients. She also designed and implemented organizational procedures in order to grade and rate the participants in the Project Attorney program, as well as the full time staff attorneys within the group, ensuring that McDermott Discovery review teams are always comprised of attorneys delivering the highest quality work.

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Indiana University, BA, 1987

Keri Paley

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