Finanza Strutturata, Derivati e Prodotti Finanziari


The use of sophisticated financial instruments is an effective tool for companies to help manage risk and optimize operations. Successfully utilizing structured financial products requires a deft understanding of the market – both the products available and how the use of structured financial products can protect or enhance a client’s business.

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  • A family of financial services companies on setting up and operating its weather derivatives and weather insurance platforms. We designed and negotiated the structural derivatives and advised on tax, regulatory, and legal matters
  • A major trading company with the analysis of more than 300 different products and agreements for Dodd-Frank regulatory compliance for a major trading company
  • A global financial institution with a ground-breaking securitization involving the issuance of Solar Asset Backed Notes, backed by the monthly solar power (PV) systems lease and power purchase agreement payments by thousands of residential customers

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Finanza Strutturata, Derivati e Prodotti Finanziari

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