With lawyers in the United States, Europe and Asia, along with a broad network of professional advisors worldwide, we help clients attract and retain workers at every level, enter and exit markets as business conditions warrant, develop and implement effective employment policies, identify and protect trade secrets and other confidential information, and negotiate and enforce a range of employment contracts.

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Chinese Labor & Employment

  • A US company facing a crisis in China on actions affecting more than a thousand workers in the country, providing guidance on how to manage strikes, restructure human resources in its other branches in China within a limited time and lay off hundreds of employees
  • A US company whose operations were paralyzed by a strike involving several hundred workers; MWE China worked closely with local government agencies to resolve the crisis, assisted the company in dismissing workers who instigated the strike, and won all labor litigation cases filed by workers organizing or attending the strike through carefully documented notices and communications that were accepted by the court as valid evidence supporting the company’s termination decisions
  • A China-listed company in a prolonged labor dispute involving allegedly insufficient social insurance contributions and wage arrears; the matter had proceeded from arbitration to the Intermediary People’s Court, where MWE China lawyers persuaded the court to exclude the social insurance benefits issue from the judgment, reject the claim on wage arrears and decide in favor of the company

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