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The first #ProviderReliefFund deadline is around the corner & HHS's recently announced grace period could offer a helpful delay. How could this impact your #hospital or #healthsystem? And what do you need to know about Phase 4 distributions? Learn more:

The IRS launched a new webpage that provides info to taxpayers whose large #refunds are subject to a #JCT review. Topics covered include how a JCT review matter arises and how the IRS handles cases. Learn more in our latest #TaxControversy360 blog post:

The Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (#NIST) recently issued a Ransomware Profile identifying steps organizations can take to prevent, respond to and recover from #ransomware events. Read more:

This week on #IPUpdate: The Ninth Circuit reversed a grant of summary judgment in a #copyright case based on a de minimis defense, plus the Second Circuit affirmed that the use of a mark when selling used goods didn't create #consumerconfusion. Read more: