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Whether you're business is a union or non-union company, the #PROAct, if passed, can have significant impact on your employee collective bargaining rights. Watch the video below to learn more.

This week on #IPUpdate: The Federal Circuit ruled #employment agreement assignment provisions don't reach post-employment inventions & the 7th Circuit affirmed the summary judgment grant in a #copyright infringement case involving floor plans. Learn more:

Will employers have to mandate vaccination? Post-Schrems II, can my company transfer health data safely? Can healthcare investment & positive social impact go hand in hand? Is the new normal an app-centric world? Find out in our latest International News:

The #IRS released Hard Fork CCA, which details potential #tax consequences for those who held Bitcoin prior to August 1, 2017, AND adds to the limited guidance available regarding the proper taxation of #cryptocurrency. Learn more here: