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In a @Law360 article, authors Carl Fleming, Lynn Kamarck, Christopher Benedik and Tyler analyze the significant impacts on the solar industry after the Department of Commerce's memorandum about imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.

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Glenn Wada from Cue Health on Trends: "Disruption often times comes from the edge. You don't drive tectonic disruptions - you innovate around the edge and then you start to influence into the center" #McDermottDigitalHealth

McDermott's co-heads of digital health; Steve W. Bernstein, Dale Van Demark and Lisa Mazur, kick-off the inaugural Digital Health Forum in NYC. #McDermottDigitalHealth

This week on #IPUpdate: The Fifth Circuit felt déjà vu when ruling in a second #trademark suit involving Springboards to Education, Inc., and Halo v. Bel Fuse made another reappearance after percolating in the federal courts for over a decade. Read more: