Last Call: Get Your Data Transfers Ready For BREXIT


At the end of the year, the United Kingdom will leave the EU single market and customs union. With or without a trade deal, the UK will then become a “third country” for the purposes of data transfers under the GDPR. It is unlikely that the European Commission will be able to timely issue an adequacy decision that could authorize data transfers to the UK without further safeguards.

Companies and entrepreneurs in the EU/EEA that do business with the UK should therefore use the few remaining weeks to review how they are sending personal data to their business partners in the UK and – if no other safeguards are already in place – enter into the standard contractual clauses (SCCs, also known as Model Contracts) with their British business partners in order to comply with the GDPR and avoid hefty fines.

Our team can help you with identifying data transfers to the United Kingdom and choosing the right set of SCCs. For more information, please contact Dr. Ralf Weisser or Dr. Claus Färber.