McDermott Wins Army Concession for Sikhs' Religious Garb - McDermott Will & Emery

McDermott Wins Army Concession for Sikhs’ Religious Garb


Amandeep Sidhu said a McDermott pro bono team that helped convince the US Army to let Sikhs keep their articles of faith “took what we called a ‘proof of concept’ approach to demonstrate … that Sikhs have served around the world without any issues of safety, uniformity, or esprit de corps, and show that the articles of faith can be compatible with the US Army.” The team dedicated 3,300-plus pro bono hours to the issue since 2009 and included Emre Ilter, Guy Collier, Stephen Ryan, David Ransom, Daniel Alberti, Kate McDonald, Jennifer Routh, David Roller and Jiayan Chen.