More Than 800 Women Partners Across Big Law Now Issue Call to Action Post-‘Dobbs’


36 McDermott female lawyers are featured in The American Lawyer for signing a call to action after the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Those listed as of Monday, June 27, 2022 include Dana McSherry, Catherine Battin, Laura McLane, Caroline Reignley, Sarah Walters, Andrea Kramer, Kate McDonald, Emily Cook, Sarah Kitchell, Amy Pimentel, Sarah Columbia, Jennifer Geetter, Lisa Mazur, Stacey Callaghan, Dana Dombey, Jiayan Chen, Erin Turley, Allison Wilkerson, Cate Howe, Heather Bethancourt, Martha Pugh, Nicole Figueroa, Linda Doyle, Sarah Engle, Jennifer Mikuluna, Sally Rosenberg, Chelsea Rutherford, Diane Morgenthaler, Britt Haxton, Carolyn Gleason, Drew McCormick, Daphne Trotter, Vernessa Pollard, Elizabeth Lewis, Yesenia Gallegos, Lisa RichmanNicole Pearl, Toni Ann Kruse, Denmon Sigler, Julie Kwon and Laurelle Gutierrez.

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