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Why McDermott

At McDermott, we strive to be best in class in every aspect of our professional lives: in the sophisticated counsel we provide to clients, in the quality of our services, and in our dealings with clients, colleagues and our communities.

Why work at McDermott?

  • Vision: Our primary goal is to be our clients’ trusted advisor in their mission-critical endeavors, through our understanding of their business, our knowledge of their industries, and our commitment to providing premier, creative legal services for the best value on a global scale.
  • Training, Mentoring & Professional Development: Our early career lawyers, including first-year associates receive focused attention, advice and feedback that help align and achieve firm and lawyer goals.  We also believe that learning never stops, and provide ongoing CLE and other trainings.
  • Top-Tier Talent: we nurture and promote talent within the Firm, seek first-year associates, lateral lawyers and non-legal professionals who share our goal of excellence and team work.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: the face of McDermott is the face of the world in which we work. We are committed to a culture that values and nurtures individual strengths and team success.
  • Competitive Compensation: taken together, our merit based compensation system combines base salary and incentives that meets, and in some cases, exceeds that of peer law firms.

European Graduate Recruits

With almost 15 years of experience providing legal services in the Italian market, our lawyers offer complete, multidisciplinary and innovative legal services in all relevant law sectors.

For Italian-based companies and multinational corporations active in the local market, McDermott provides effective, coordinated legal counsel on cross-border and domestic transactions and on a broad range of legal issues, including EU competition and government regulatory compliance, energy, tax, corporate and M&A, insurance, health, private equity and capital markets, banking and finance, intellectual property, real estate, restructuring and employment law, as well as litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

If you wish to build an international career, McDermott is the right place: beside the classic path during the traineeship period to become a lawyer, in participating and attending civil, tax and commercial judicial hearing, you will work on extra judicial matters and fields.

In fact, as a trainee in McDermott’s Milan office, you will assist in the provision of legal or tax advice and services to the highest standard. You will be expected to keep up-to-date with the relevant areas of law, tax and practice, and understand and comply with Italian rules of professional conduct.

Where much is demanded of our trainees, much is offered. To achieve your objectives you will be a valued member of a team led by experienced partners including senior associates and support staff. As your skills and experience increase and to help you develop interpersonal and team-building skills, you will be given responsibility for delegating tasks and supervising where appropriate.

We value our people, and our Firm and office cultures are open, dynamic and business-focused. You will find our teams friendly and supportive.

We seek the brightest, best and most entrepreneurial graduates. Our training program is deliberately exclusive, and our trainees are self-reliant, academic high-fliers who want to make their mark. We recruit law and fiscal (dottori commercialisti) graduates with top marks and fluent English. Experience studying and working abroad is appreciated, as well as fluency in other European languages.

Recently Qualified Lawyers

If you’re looking to join a truly global law firm, then McDermott is the place to start. Many of our clients are multinational corporations or domestic companies with operations, investments and customer relationships worldwide.

To help clients address emerging business, industry and regulatory developments wherever they do business, we have established offices in major commercial centers in a number of countries. Our offices in Europe are staffed with highly respected lawyers who serve as legal, business and civic leaders in their home countries while also working closely with colleagues from across the Firm.

Experienced Lawyers

Making the leap to a new law firm is an important decision, to say the least. You’ve spent years fostering client relationships and a network of legal and professional contacts, and now you’re looking for a place to grow them even further. You want the perfect fit and a smooth transition—and so do we.

You’ve probably already visited other sections of our website to get a better sense of our Firm, our culture, our client services and our lawyers. To take the next step and learn more about lateral recruitment opportunities, please contact our legal recruiting contacts for more information.

A note to search firms and recruiting agencies: McDermott does not accept unsolicited online submissions and resumes from agencies. Recruiting agency contacts must be made through the Legal Recruiting Department at the office in which the agency is seeking to place a candidate.

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A note to search firms and recruiting agencies: McDermott does not accept unsolicited online submissions and resumes from agencies. Recruiting agency contacts must be made through the human resources department at the office in which the agency is seeking to place a candidate