2018 ISCEBS Employee Benefits Symposium


The Symposium is one of the largest gatherings of credentialed benefits professionals in the country. Attendees represent corporations, consulting firms, health care organizations, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, investment and administration firms, jointly trusteed and public employee benefit plans, law firms and other organizations involved with employee benefits.

Todd Solomon will present „401(k) Lawsuits on the Rise: Best Practices for Plan Fiduciaries.“

It is no secret that 401(k) plan lawsuits alleging breach of fiduciary duty are on the rise and can lead to significant settlements, legal costs and bad publicity. Plan sponsors and fiduciaries need to be educated about the legal risks and the best practices they can take to protect the plan and its fiduciaries from such challenges. This session will discuss strategies fiduciaries can take, including reducing or eliminating revenue-sharing arrangements, getting the most favorable share class for investment funds offered under the plan, charging only reasonable administrative expenses to plan participants in an appropriate manner, engaging qualified outside advisors, and meeting regularly to diligently review the plan and its investment and fee structure.


  • Best practices for managing a 401(k) investment committee, including practical case studies and sample committee materials
  • Nature of the allegations against 401(k) plan committees and how to insulate against such challenges
  • Unique challenges of managing a plan that offers company stock, including pros and cons of engaging an independent fiduciary to manage such a fund