2021 GDPR Training Sessions


We are delighted to announce the second annual GDPR Training Series*, a series of webinars which aims to broaden depth of knowledge and expertise in the general data protection regulations (GDPR).

Each session aims to provide participants with an in-depth analysis of sectors, alongside clear answers to complicated questions:

  • How to prepare your business for a cyberattack – 30 September
  • How to handle health data with care – 19 October
  • How to safely transfer data out of the European Union – 2 December

The sessions can be attended independent of each other, although of course each participant can register for multiple sessions.

Click here to download the course program in French.

*Please note, the sessions will be held in French. Information on session fees below.

Registration Information

30 September, 19 October, 2 December


Virtual Event

Registration Fee: €850 Exclusive of Tax (half-day)

A sliding scale pricing will be applied in the event of multiple registration (several participants from the same organization, or individual registration for multiple training sessions).

Click here to register for our 30 September session.

Click here to register for our 19 October session.

Click here to register for our 2 December session.

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