Diagnostics, Antibody Testing and Vaccines: Global Outlook on Life Sciences COVID-19 Advances and Evolving Deal Trends


Across the US and EU, life sciences companies are pushing diagnostics, antibody testing, vaccines and other efforts forward to flatten the Coronavirus (COVID-19) curve. Our multidisciplinary cross-border life sciences team will examine the current global market and industry issues and offer perspectives on what is on the horizon for the life sciences sector and its stakeholders. The program will address:

  • The current state of diagnostics, antibody testing and vaccine development, and accelerated pathways for certification, approval, reimbursement and market access
  • Considerations for deal structures, key diligence concerns and foreign investment controls during this unique time
  • Emerging digital solutions, including the development and deployment of digital therapeutics, diagnostics and other tools
  • Outlook for life sciences M&A and transformations of industry partnerships during and after COVID-19

We want to ensure we address the issues of most importance to our participants, and we encourage you to submit your questions for the panel in advance during registration.

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