Infocast’s Projects & Money Conference 2022


We are proud to sponsor the Projects & Money Conference, where the country’s leading project developers and the financial community come to connect, share information about upcoming project opportunities, buy and sell projects, and get the latest market intelligence on the trends in the markets, all while hearing the best-informed perspectives on the financing and deal-making landscape.

Green Hydrogen: Assessing Opportunities, Economics and Their Impacts on Investment and Finance

Green Hydrogen is the “next big thing” in the energy transition. It’s been proposed as a solution to numerous decarbonization problems in the power business and other industries. But while some entities are launching their first green hydrogen projects, more widespread deployments will greatly accelerate when further economic and infrastructure improvements enable the financing of projects. At this pivotal time for the sector, it is vital that investors understand where the tipping points lie in order to capitalize on the rapid uptick previously seen in wind, solar and storage. This session, moderated by McDermott Partner Denmon Sigler, will evaluate the economic and business model drivers for largescale deployments, and what integrating green hydrogen will mean for the power markets, project investment, and finance.

  • Opportunities and obstacles: What do financing and incentives look like at this point for hydrogen products? Is it too early? Where are first deals popping up and how are they being
  • What are the commercial hurdles to scaling-up green hydrogen projects?
  • What are the key business models, priorities and risks to rolling out projects?
  • What are major industrial players doing now?
  • What is the timeline for significant green hydrogen developments? When will there be
    competitive pricing?


January 25 – 27, 2022

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New Orleans, LA / Event Sponsoring / January 25 - 27, 2022

Infocast’s Projects & Money Conference 2022

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