PRC Data Protection Annual Review 2018



Based on an extensive survey and analysis conducted through multiple channels, the Annual Review compiles and presents the most relevant, significant, and valuable information concerning data related authorities, cases, laws, and regulations in China.

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The Annual Review seeks to set the benchmark standards of data compliance for enterprises in China for a rapidly changing digital environment.

The Annual Review is composed of five sections:

  • Survey Analysis;
  • Overview of Regulatory Authorities;
  • Cases and Disputes;
  • Laws and Regulations; and
  • A Systematic Data Compliance Roadmap.

Based on ongoing developments in data protection, the PRC Data Protection Annual Review 2018 aims to provide a comprehensive view and practical compliance guidance to the readers on exploring and improving data related rules, standards, and compliance practices.

The PRC Data Protection Annual Review 2018 is available in English and Chinese here.