Broadband Internet Proves a Hurdle as Telehealth Services Continue to Rise in Popularity


Stephen Bernstein and Mara McDermott were quoted in this article from MetroWest Daily News where they discussed how the lack of internet access and broadband services have impacted the telehealth industry.

“There are some pretty archaic Medicare regulations that restrict … where telehealth services can be offered to beneficiaries in a post-pandemic landscape that I think many hospitals are looking to see addressed by the federal government before the end of the pandemic,” said Mara McDermott.

Stephen Bernstein, spoke to that same note, saying the government is susceptible to falling back to tougher pre-pandemic health care and infrastructure policies rather than expanding upon new needs.

“The fear is that as the federal government turns that relaxation off — they haven’t yet — and various states start to do the same, that there’s an automatic go-back-in-time world where the old rules automatically apply,” Stephen Bernstein said. “And I think that is what’s happening as a result. That’s crazy. We’ve made progress. Why would you want to do that?”