The 2nd Annual Women in Law & Leadership Summit: Boston


The Women in Law & Leadership Summit explores the career obstacles, risks and rewards on the path to a fulfilling and productive career for women lawyers. What is the best way to manage your career? What are the best approaches for promoting yourself? Where can you take your career? Are companies doing enough to promote high-potential executives?

Nicole Clouse was a panellist for ‘Developing Your Strengths & Most Productive Workstyle’, a session in which women in upper level in-house and partner positions emphasized the importance of developing an authentic voice and an individual working style.

This panel session examined:

  • Why is developing your work style important to your success?
  • Best practices in finding your authentic voice and strengths
  • Signs that you may not be developing your authentic skill set
  • What are the resources available to you in your development?

Partner Kristin Connarn hosted a roundtable session on ‘Mentorship & Sponsorship.’