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AdTech Privacy: Navigating Emerging Privacy Laws for AdTech Companies, Customers and Publishers


In recent years, the digital marketing and global AdTech industry have seen seismic changes, and online marketers are facing challenges under new privacy laws and regulations. Substantial restrictions on targeted advertising and cookie usage—coupled with the emergence of more stringent notice and consent obligations—have forced companies to carefully consider their options and compliance approach.

Join an AdTech industry expert and members of McDermott’s Privacy & Cybersecurity team as they break down different advertising technologies, the current digital marketing industry ecosystem, and discuss how recent privacy law developments are affecting the future for AdTech companies, their advertiser customers, and publishers who sell ad inventory.

Discussion topics will include:

  • An explanation of cookies and other advertising technologies, and how they have shaped the internet today
  • AdTech Industry 101: sell side, buy side and real time bidding
  • Limitations on AdTech and an examination of privacy laws that regulate AdTech, including the EU GDPR and recent US state privacy laws
  • Implications, obstacles and solutions for the use of AdTech in regulated industries such as healthcare
  • Notice, consent and cookie banner “consent management platform” implementation
  • Advertising in a post-cookie world, anticipating continued regulation and positioning yourself with alternative data solutions


July 21, 2022
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Guest Speaker: Grant Nelson, TripleLift, Product Manager, Privacy & Identity


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