Atlanta – Belfast Connect Invitation to Explore


Atlanta, Georgia and Belfast, Northern Ireland are two burgeoning hubs for leading healthcare and cybersecurity companies in their respective countries. With over 2,500 companies focusing on healthcare, Atlanta is quickly becoming a critical location for healthcare experts to meet and work on our most pressing medical issues. And, Georgia has become the new home of the NSA and Army Cyber Command. Similarly, Belfast hosts over 500 indigenous and FDI companies of all sizes focusing on world leading diagnostic research, disease control, medical science, technology, and health analytics innovation. Both regions experienced strong growth during the pandemic based on their proximity to high-end talent, their prime geo-political locations, infrastructure, and cost competitiveness.

The Atlanta-Belfast Connect Invitation to Explore is an effort to bring together experts and leaders from industry, research, academia, and relevant economic development bodies to learn about each region, share ideas and discuss opportunities for mutual benefit. Their first event will be a video webinar on June 24th to present the fundamentals from Atlanta and Belfast to a select audience of interested businesses and explain why Atlanta is the “Gateway to the US” in the same way that Belfast is the “Gateway to Europe”.

Todd McClelland will speak with Alan Foreman (CEO of B-Secur) to present their perspectives on upcoming opportunities and next steps for each region as healthcare and cybersecurity industries continue to expand.

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10 am – 12 pm (EST)


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