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Breaking FinTech’s Glass Ceiling: Women in FinTech Networking Series


Research shows that companies with at least one woman on the board perform 26% better than those with male-only boards, but women make up only about 20% of C-Suite representation in FinTech. In this male-dominated industry, we know that women are overcoming challenges to break barriers and lead innovation. To find community, resources and support to help accelerate your career and fuel your success, we invite you to join us for our Women in FinTech Networking Series, bringing together senior women across the FinTech industry. Our series will feature presentations on a variety of timely topics by leading women in the industry, followed by interactive networking groups.

We will kick off the virtual series on Wednesday, April 20. Following a short presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with new contacts through small-group breakout sessions in virtual networking rooms.

We hope you will join us!


Wednesday, April 20, 2022
11:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm BST

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