COVID-19’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry – Key Considerations Regarding Your Commercial Real Estate Leases


COVID-19’s rapid spread has brought disruption and uncertainty to everyone’s lives and businesses—including the real estate industry. Private equity sponsors, senior management teams, real estate owners, occupants, developers and property managers should be well prepared to monitor and address concerns impacting the industry as a result of the virus.

During our one-hour, interactive webinar, McDermott Real Estate lawyers will answer your most pressing questions and help you understand how to navigate through your commercial real estate lease provisions and consider actions and strategies to maximize your position in the current environment.

We’ll cover:

  • The effect on the national commercial real estate leasing market
  • Key lease provisions and how they are impacted, such as payment and performance obligations and defaults and remedies
  • Strategies by which parties can maximize their position or mitigate their exposure
  • The potential for loss coverage under business interruption insurance
  • Understanding the relevance of Force Majeure provisions and whether they could excuse payment and/or performance
  • How you can prepare for conversations with your counterparty

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12:00–1:00 pm (EST)

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