Defensible Disposal: What Every Records Manager Should be Concerned About!


Keep or bin? Keeping records past their expire date can put companies and employees alike at great risk, for both audits and litigation. So, why are companies keeping legacy information they no longer need?

Ashley Winton will form a panel alongside Alyssa Blackburn of AvePoint to share insights that will help records managers have the confidence to distinguish between the records which ought to be kept permanently and those which may safely be thrown away when they are no longer required.

The panel will be discussing the following questions and sharing an approach to analysing and assessing records eligible for disposition that can be applied equally whether the records are traditional paper records or have an electronic format:

  • When creating a document retention schedule – is there an optimum number of document types?
  • When you hold legal documents does the law require you to hold them for 7 or 12 years (the statute of limitations), or is that the maximum period?
  • How do you balance document retention schedules that are applicable in different countries?
  • What consideration should there be made of third parties, such as lawyers and accountants, who also hold your records?

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