2018 NAPABA Convention – Breaking News: How To Guide Your CEO Through A Legal Crisis


Partner A. Marisa Chun will be speaking at the 2018 National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Convention session called Breaking News: How to Guide Your CEO Through a Legal Crisis.

Whether it’s a massive data breach or a blog post by an alleged sexual harassment victim, today’s 24/7 digital media landscape means that winning in the court of public opinion can be just as important as winning in court for your clients. CEOs and leaders of companies are increasingly looking to the General Counsel or her deputies and outside counsel for legal advice that also takes into account how the CEO, the Board of Directors, shareholders, the government and/or the media will respond to the company’s crisis of the day or its next high-stakes legal move.

Come join Marisa and learn from our distinguished panel of current and former general counsel and outside counsel who have navigated the intersection between the law, regulators, and the media on high-profile matters, based on their deep legal, government and/or media experience.

Discussion topics will include

  • Developing an effective legal and PR strategy for your client’s circumstances, investigation, or litigation
  • Preventing or managing media coverage of your client’s legal challenge
  • Tips for developing effective relationships with the media and promoting accurate media coverage of your client

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