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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023 | US Privacy Law at a Crossroads: The Past, Present and Future


Partner Elliot Golding is participating as a speaker at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. The Summit is a four-day event that attracts professionals from all over the globe to connect and learn about the latest developments in privacy and data protection. Attendees can look forward to high-profile speakers, exceptional session content and ample opportunities to expand their network.

Elliot’s speaking in a breakout session titled, “US Privacy Law at a Crossroads: the Past, Present and Future,” to discuss everchanging privacy laws. California’s enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act in 2018 kicked off a fundamental shift in the US approach to privacy. Although the US retains a “patchwork” of sector-specific and topic-specific rules, the landscape has dramatically changed with numerous comprehensive state privacy laws now in effect (and more taking effect later this year and beyond). Congress is progressively getting closer to enacting federal privacy legislation. The expert panel will discuss not only the current state of the law (and how we got here), but also predictions about the longer-term impact and evolution of these privacy trends, including a discussion of rulemaking and “year one” enforcement priorities for the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA); comparing US state laws and enforcement/rulemaking across the states and with international and proposed federal approaches; assessing the impact of these new laws so far (e.g., whether companies are materially changing how they handle data, particularly for online advertising purposes) and how international companies approach privacy compliance; and longer-term predictions, such as the potential for state-specific adequacy decisions, the interplay with post-“Schrems II” requirements and likelihood of federal legislation.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Expert insights into the state of US privacy law and comparisons to international approaches
  • Privacy regulator enforcement priorities
  • Predictions about long-term impacts and how privacy is likely to evolve

To register or learn more about the forum, visit the event website.


Alastair Mactaggart, Board Member, California Privacy Protection Agency; Board Chair, Founder, Californians for Consumer Privacy

Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US, CEO, Future of Privacy Forum

Lydia de la Torre, CIPP/US, Board Member, California Privacy Protection Agency; Partner, Golden Data Law

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