Internal Investigations 2018


Steven Scholes served as co-chair for this year’s Practising Law Institute Internal Investigations 2018. From commencement to conclusion, lawyers face numerous issues when conducting an internal investigation. Allegations by a whistleblower, ethical dilemmas, and managing the costs of an investigation are just some of the challenges that may arise. Companies and their counsel must anticipate potential risks and quickly resolve all issues that arise before, during, and after the investigation.

Steve moderated the panel, “Internal Investigations: Regulators Roundtable”. They discussed the regulators’ perspectives on internal investigations, how to disclose the investigation to regulators, and a regulators’ perspectives on how companies navigate whistleblower issues. The panel also explored how the Dodd-Frank changed how regulators are handling these issues and what they expect from companies, how to maintain a dialogue with the regulators during the investigation, the challenges posed by international investigations, as well as cooperation with the government.

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