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Navigating President Trump’s Executive Order on US Bulk Power System Electric Equipment


McDermott continues to provide the latest market updates on the disruption and uncertainty in the energy industry. President Trump’s May 1, 2020, executive order prohibiting certain transactions involving bulk-power system electric equipment developed, manufactured or supplied by a foreign adversary could have far-reaching implications for both the renewable and conventional power industries. It has raised a high level of uncertainty and risk while the industry awaits the actual implementation of the executive order. This interim period, as well as the breadth of the executive order, raises key questions and concerns for sponsors and developers of energy projects, construction contractors and energy project investors.

On Thursday, May 21, after the Department of Energy’s stakeholder call, McDermott Partners Ed Zaelke, Heather Cooper, Carl Fleming, Joel Hugenberger and Neil Levy will address important considerations as to how the executive order may impact your business.

During our 30-minute, complimentary webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How the order impacts you from a tax credit eligibility standpoint;
  • The procurement and due diligence steps you should start taking now to mitigate any potential impacts on your investments and
  • A potential framework for utilities, developers and investors to evaluate their own projects based on precedent orders and other US government review processes.

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1:30 pm – 2:00 pm (EDT)

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