NFTs and Web3: Compliance and Cybersecurity | Women in FinTech Networking Series


To find community, resources and support to help accelerate your career and fuel your success, we invite you to join us for our Women in FinTech Networking Series, bringing together senior women across the FinTech industry. Our series will feature presentations on a variety of timely topics by leading women in the industry, followed by interactive networking groups.

According to a report from Chainalysis, criminals laundered $8.6 billion of cryptocurrency in 2021, a 30% increase compared to the previous year.

During part two of this virtual series, Alexandra C. Scheibe and Andrea S. Kramer, partners in McDermott’s FinTech Practice Group, will be joined by Kim Grauer, director of research at Chainalysis, Inc., for a discussion on compliance and cybersecurity surrounding cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Discussion topics will include:

  • A look at just how private blockchains really are (or aren’t) and why it matters
  • The current state of the NFT market
  • The most prevalent types of crimes in Web3 in 2022
  • How to protect oneself against crimes that occur virtually

Following this discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with new contacts through small group breakout sessions via virtual networking rooms.


June 28, 2022
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT


Guest Speaker: Kim Grauer, director of research at Chainalysis, Inc.

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