OCIPLA Virtual Program | Unified Patent Court: Initial Cases

OCIPLA Virtual Program | The Unified Patent Court: Initial Cases


Chuck Larsen is presenting a virtual program to the Orange County Intellectual Property Law Association (OCIPLA) about the Unified Patent Court (UPC). His presentation reviews the initial cases filed with the UPC, including trends in divisions being used, the parties accessing the court and the substantive decisions made so far. Chuck also assesses the structure and incentives of the court in comparison to US tribunals and considers how the launch of the UPC aims to transform the global patent litigation market.

The OCIPLA is a non-pofit organization that brings together attorneys, patent agents, inventors, investors, legal assistants, paralegals, educators and students interested in IP law. To learn more about the November 2023 virtual meeting, visit the event page.

Chuck is a frequent speaker on UPC developments and McDermott regularly shares insights and updates on the new patent court through the Firm’s dedicated UPC Resource Center.

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