Public Health v. Privacy: The Technology of Contact Tracing


Contact tracing is a primary strategy for halting the spread of COVID-19, and privacy implications are crucial to collection methods involving delicate health and location information. Currently government, educational institutions and private sector companies are searching for digital contact tracing options and how to identify solutions quickly and efficiently.

Join McDermott’s Global Head of the Firm’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice, Laura Jehl, CSAIL’s Principal Research Scientist, Daniel Weitzner, and other industry speakers for a discussion on contact tracing, privacy implications and transparency in collecting data.

Gain insight into:

  • The balance between efficacy vs. privacy
  • Innovation in the wearable contact tracing space
  • The future of tracing, and scaling this effort across the country

Learn more and watch the video here.


Amanda Schleede | CEO – Vital Circle

Panel Moderator: Barbara L’Italien | Senior Government Affairs Adviser – Partners in Health

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