Ransomware Legal Implications and Proactive Solutions


In the 2020 M-Trends report, it was noted that successful monetization of ransomware attacks and the availability of ransomware as a service have contributed to an increase in ransomware cases.

In this session, Paul Ferrillo of McDermott Will & Emery along with representatives from FireEye, Mandiant, Canadian-based law firm Blakes, and global insurance partner Chubb, will discuss:

  • The threat profile of a ransomware attack
  • Best practices for ransomware recovery and response
  • The legal implications of a ransomware attack across the US and Canada
  • How to minimize the legal impact of a ransomware breach
  • The reactive and proactive insurance measures you can take to minimize business impact

We encourage you to attend this session with your team to understand the impact of a breach on various business units, and the mitigation tactics that can be employed by all stakeholders within an organization.

Registration Information

2:00 pm EDT