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To help you stay up to date on the enforcement trends that might impact your compliance strategy, McDermott is pleased to invite you to the 2022 Enforcement Outlook webinar series. Attendees will receive practical guidance from our white-collar lawyers and occasional special guests, who share their inside knowledge from time working in government positions.

Government agencies at the state and federal levels are increasingly training their sights on the cybersecurity resiliency of companies in an array of industries. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed rules on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance and incident disclosure for public companies.

Federally regulated banking organizations must now notify their primary federal regulator of qualifying computer-security incidents within 36 hours of discovery. The Federal Trade Commission has released a statement emphasizing that it intends to “use its full legal authority” to pursue companies that fail to take reasonable steps to protect consumer data from exposure as a result of known vulnerabilities. In addition, there are significant rules covering critical pipeline owners/operators in the transportation sector from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the Transportation Security Administration, respectively. And now, state attorney generals are following suit.

Join this webinar, as Scott Ferber, a partner with McDermott’s Global Privacy & Cybersecurity team, and Matt Gorham, leader of PwC’s Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute and former Assistant Director of the FBI, for an engaging discussion on recent developments in government oversight of cybersecurity, including key practical considerations for this complex regulatory landscape.

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