Renewables (Virtual) Roundtable and Q&A: Navigating Potential Project Delays Caused by COVID-19


COVID-19’s rapid spread has brought disruption and uncertainty to everyone’s lives and businesses—including the renewable energy industry. Project delays—or cancellations—are virtually inevitable.

How you handle these delays right now can have long-term impacts on a project’s value.

During this 30-minute, interactive webinar, McDermott’s Renewable Energy lawyers will answer your most pressing questions on how to handle potential project delays.

We’ll answer questions such as:

  • What impacts are Force Majeure notices, “stay-at-home” orders and travel restrictions having on renewable energy projects?
  • How will the 12/31/2020 PTC safe harbor cliff be impacted or how can it be navigated?

Have a question you want us to answer (anonymously)? Click the registration link below.