STEP Canada National Conference 2020


Nicholas Holland speaks at the STEP Canada National Conference 2020, presenting “Foreign Trusts – From STAR Trusts to Dynastic Trusts is Foreign Personal Planning Still a Useful Option for Canadians.”

Following amendments to the non-resident trust rules and the elimination of the 5-year immigration trusts, many planners concluded that foreign personal planning is no longer feasible. This panel will examine both potential foreign personal planning advantageous plans as well as pitfalls that may exist in the US and Canada for taxpayers – especially where US connections are becoming more and more prevalent in our work. In particular, this seminar will look at:

  • CCPC planning;
  • On-going administration and administration issues;
  • What happens if you have (or don’t have) a US Grantor trust;
  • Granny Trust planning;
  • UK beneficiaries and foreign personal planning;
  • Actual context, where foreign trust planning makes sense – a Canadian parent with children living in different countries.

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