Future of EU & US AdTech Compliance: What You Need to Know

Key Takeaways | The Future of EU and US AdTech Compliance: What You Need to Know


AdTech (and other cookie and online tracker uses) has become one of the riskiest and most rapidly changing global issues, with significant regulatory enforcement, litigation and other legal changes in the European Union and the United States.

During this webinar, Rosa Barcelo, Elliot Golding, Simon Mortier and Matúš Huba provided practical tips on how to address these risks.

Top takeaways included:

  1. Using AdTech and tracking technologies raise significant new risks. Changing laws and significant increases in enforcement and litigation have created significant risks when using tracking technologies for AdTech and other purposes.
  2. How companies can reduce risks:
    1. Identify all cookies and tracking technologies employed on digital platforms and how they use and disclose data. This can be a technical exercise where third parties can help.
    2. Review and update privacy notices and cookies policies to meet the latest legal requirements and evolving best practices.
    3. Check whether the language and functionality of cookies banners meet the latest legal requirements and function as designed.
    4. Develop or improve governance strategies to manage tracking technologies and consent management, such as internal policies to review new and changing uses of tracking technologies, processes to periodically review and audit such uses, privacy impact analyses and other strategies.
    5. Stay informed about the specific and rapidly evolving legal requirements in each jurisdiction.


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