Licensing & Collaboration


Chambers USA 2018, Client Reference

Advances at each stage of the device and diagnostics development process, from initial creation to manufacturing, as well as consumer demand for patient-centric approaches to devices and diagnostic tools, have led large and small life sciences companies to seek collaborative partnerships that can efficiently and effectively address the needs of their varied stakeholders. When done correctly, these partnerships can have a transformational impact on your business and ensure that you remain competitive amid this rapidly evolving landscape.

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  • Baxter BioScience, a division of Baxter International Inc., in the negotiation of a license and collaboration agreement valued at nearly $1 billion with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals for the ex-US development and commercialization of MM-398, a clinical-stage oncology candidate intended for the treatment of pancreatic cancer
  • Innate Pharma, a major French life sciences company, on a $1.275 billion partnership – among the largest ever in the French biotech industry – with AstraZeneca to accelerate development of Innate Pharma’s IPH2201 antibody designed to stimulate the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells
  • 23andMe, a privately held genomics and biotechnology company, on the legal aspects of a transaction with Genentech, whereby Genentech was given exclusive access to our client’s database of almost 1 million whole genetic sequences for the study of potential genetic targets for Parkinson’s Disease.

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We leverage the combined power of collaboration and industry understanding to provide in-depth guidance to clients in every sector of the life sciences space.

Licensing & Collaboration

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