In The Trenches, Ep. 12: Part 1 | Are We There Yet? Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting and Enforcement with Epsilon Life Sciences


On this episode of In the Trenches, McDermott partner and program host Brian Stimson sits down with J. Mark Farrar and Katherine Norris of Epsilon Life Sciences as well as Mara McDermott, Vice President of McDermott+Consulting to review the history of the PRF, the big pain points for PRF recipients, and what to do about them, including:

  • How HHS stood up the PRF at the height of the pandemic
  • How different PRF recipients operationalized the program requirements
  • What providers can still do if HHS denied some or all the PRF funds they sought
  • How the recent history informs current PRF reporting and enforcement risks
  • The biggest reporting and compliance pain points for PRF recipients
  • What PRF recipients should expect, and do next

Listen to part two here.