In The Trenches, Ep. 13: Part 2 | Are We There Yet? Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting and Enforcement with Epsilon Life Sciences


On this episode of In the Trenches, McDermott partner and program host Brian Stimson continues his conversation with J. Mark Farrar and Katherine Norris of Epsilon Life Sciences and Mara McDermott, Vice President of McDermott+Consulting to discuss their thoughts on the Cares Act and Provider Relief Fund, including:

  • Pain points for providers on PRF compliance and enforcement
  • Proactive steps to mitigate PRF fund risk regarding balance billing
  • A simple and conservative approach to the loss of revenue methodology
  • Risks and considerations presented with “double-dipping”
  • Best practices for providers to mitigate risk in 2022
  • Points when engaging with HRSA

Listen to part one here.